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Things Every Younger Sibling Can Relate To

Dhvani Dedhia Feb 28, 2020
Do you have elder brothers or sisters? Are you the youngest member of the family? Were you laughed at, poked, bullied, or called names as you were always the 'little one'? Were you tormented for being pampered by your parents? Did you answer "YES"; for all the above questions? Well, if you just said 'YES' again, then this is just for you.
Contrary to popular belief that the younger siblings always have it easier, there are a lot of struggles that we, as the younger munchkin of the family, have had to go through.
If you were under the impression that our childhood journey was filled with all "Aww's and Ooh's" and "Oh look how cute he is - let's pull his cheeks for eternity"; well then, you guessed it wrong. The world is not always as pretty as it looks from the other side.
Raise your hands and say "aye" if you have experienced the same side-effects of landing later on the planet, and thenceforth considered as the second-string.

Don't Believe It Unless You See The DNA Reports Yourself.

"I am sorry Mike, but as your elder brother, I feel it is my duty to tell you that it's true, you are 'Adopted'".
Yeahhhh.... the classic 'You are Adopted' tag. Every younger sibling has at least heard this once in their life that they were not related by blood but indeed adopted. Dear elder sibling, fantasize all you want, but you cannot change the fact, So deal with it.

Aging Won't Make Things Any Better.

No matter how old we grow, we are always going to be younger to our brother or sister. Even though we might be 35 now, all grown up and wise, we are never old enough as they are, and the worst thing is, they won't ever let us forget that fact.

You Didn't Check Under Your Bed; Not Carefully Enough!

Oh how convincingly they fooled us for the better part of our childhood that there was a huge nasty, 'scare the hell out of boogie man' kind of monster taking refuge under our bed. Now that's just mean! We were so naive, it took us years to gather the courage to look under our beds after lights out and have a decent good-night's sleep.

Younger Sibling A.K.A ,'The Punching Bag'.

We never have to go out of the house to face a bully, because we are already living with one. We are the target where all the anger and frustration pours out. Well, we agree that sometimes (by accident) we did spill some of their secrets to our parents, which we totally regretted later, with a black, swollen eye and a chipped tooth.

The Curious Case Of The Forbidden Room.

We were forever banished from entering the sacred doors of our brother's/sister's room and that always made us wonder if there was a secret passage way to Narnia hidden in their closet that they didn't want us to find out about.

Why Do You Always Have To Compare Us.

Thanks to the perfect, overachiever, firstborn of our parents, who are good at everything, all our achievements are judged by their standards. This is another problem that we face as a younger child. The threshold for accomplishments is always beyond our reach, and so whatever little talent we have is never considered good enough.

Sorry, What's Your Name Again?

"I Don't Answer To the name Harry, because MY NAME IS MIKE." Yes, we agree that are elder siblings have been around longer than we have, but we still don't like it when our parents repeatedly call us by their name, even though involuntarily. I mean, how difficult can it be to remember one more name.

I Will Grow Up, When You Will.

The words "Grow Up" have been spat on our faces so many times that now we have lost count of it. We do agree that many-a-time we made some silly mistakes, but we will learn from them. People don't need to yell at us to grow up at every chance they get, and keep reminding us how immature our behavior is.

If Only There Was A Memory Eraser.

The embarrassing incidents of our childhood, like when we dressed up in our mom's clothes, looking like a total troll, or when we fell face down in a puddle, or those hideous photographs that we thought we had hidden someplace safe, will be a topic for discussion and laughter on every family gathering and will never be allowed to be erased from our memories.

The Autocratic Babysitter.

The most empowering moment for our siblings was when mom and dad asked them to babysit us and uttered the words, "You are in-charge now." before stepping out of the door. We could feel a chill run down our spines because we knew there was no saving us then. They were the rulers of the kingdom then, and we had to obey whatever they ordained.
Well, irrespective of the silly things that we considered as torment while growing up, or how many fights we may have gotten into, or the number of years we spent plotting a revenge against each other, in the end, having an elder brother or sister meant that we knew, we always had someone to protect us, and they always had our backs when we were in trouble.
Like they say, think twice before you mess with the younger sister, because there is always an elder, more crazier sister right behind her that you do not wanna mess with!