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13 Things Kids Do That Embarrass Their Parents

Amita Ray Mar 5, 2020
Parents loved their sweet little pumpkins deeply and unconditionally. This is quite apparent as the poor souls quietly endure all the embarrassing things their kids do around them. We have stories of such petrifying moments that every parent can somehow relate to.

No Shame

One thing kids are great at is saying the wrong thing at the wrong time!
Imagine a time when your toddler proudly announces that mommy pooped so much that she clogged the toilet to a houseful of guests. Another embarrassing incident that we know of was when a kid tells the school principal during his interview that his mommy and daddy are trying to give him a little brother or sister.

Digging Deep

Kids love to dig deep, especially when it comes their noses, and somehow the booger manages to land up in their mouths.
Sometimes, you might find them digging someone else's nose and putting it in their mouth, just to see if all boogers taste the same, we assume. If you sometimes go too long without making them blow their nose, you might find your toddler licking his/her snot.

Scissor Hands

Every child is immensely talented, give them a scissor and they'll show you unique ways you could give yourself a trend-setting haircut, that too for free.
A word of caution though, never leave a child unattended with a pair of scissors, or you may find that your wardrobe has a surprise makeover.

New Discoveries

We sincerely hope you're spared from the horror of explaining your 4-year old what sanitary napkins are!
Kids somehow find innovative ways to use them. One kid tried to shove tampons up his nose, maybe as a possible snot control. How awkward would it be if your kid tells people that mommy wears diapers just like him!

Mall Trouble

The moment when you lose your kid at Walmart for a second is definitely petrifying.
What's more petrifying is to find him doing the deed in a display; you wouldn't know whether to get him off or just walk away as if you know nothing! Of course, how can we not mention those kids that raid the isles like they've been charged with Red Bull, happily toppling and smashing things, and wouldn't take no for an answer.

Who's Your Father

The pureness and innocence of the mind of a child is incomparable, isn't it?
These innocent little ones sometimes say certain things that put others in a somewhat sticky position. When a kid was asked what his father's name was, the little one replied with the name of the father of his Church.

Letting it Out

Every parent tries to teach his/her kid that farting in public is unacceptable; this is mostly interpreted differently.
A six-year old thought that it is alright to fart in the pool, because obviously, no one could hear him. Another little fellow kept yelling that he needs to fart when he and his mommy were on the elevator, and he had nowhere else to go.

Alleged Felon?!

Movies have a profound effect on the gullible minds of children. When I was in preschool, I apparently told my teacher that I needed to go home or else the police would arrest my mommy. I had watched a movie with a similar storyline the previous day.

Say it Loud

The sweet, innocent, and curious mind of a child strikes the wise again, when a kid loudly asks his parents when will he get to see the camel toe at the zoo.


Kids have an exceptional knack of picking words we didn't mean to use to especially in front of them. After which, as if to rub it in your face, they keep repeating the nasty word out loud in public. And yes, a lot of judgmental stares follow.

Toilet Saga

For some not so surprising reason, the words 'kids' and 'loo' kinda go hand-in-hand. We've all heard the infamous poop-smear and poop-in-public stories.
One peculiar incident was when a kid was told that babies were made of mommies' poop. The poor kid kept crying every time his mommy went to the loo, saying that his mommy flushed his little brother down the toilet.

Om Nom Nom

When it comes to good food, kids pull off some really crazy shenanigans.
We've all experienced the kid who manages to chomp off a good helping of the birthday cake before the cake is cut. We know of this 5-year old who went on a trip picking food she liked off everyone else's table at a restaurant, when mommy and daddy weren't looking.

You Go Pee Pee?

Taking care of a kid when you're out with them can be a bit cumbersome.
Having to leave your kid out for a minute to pee can be all the more tricky. You need to answer questions like, 'mommy are you pooping?', to an audience that's not just your kid, if you happen to take a minute longer. A kid once managed to put his head through the opening of the stall door just to make sure mommy was still there.
So there you have it! You see, it's only kids who can complain how embarrassing their folks can be. We're sure parents have a whole lot of stories in which their sweet pumpkins have embarrassed them.