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Things Only a Middle Child Can Relate To

Meghna Tongiya Mar 4, 2020
Birth order plays a vital role in deciding the personality traits and characteristics of a child. And when it comes to the middle child, it definitely plays a huge role. Known as the 'Diplomats of Birth Order', the middle child lot go through some things which only they can understand. But mind you, they have most of the famous personalities in their squad.
Middle children are always dragged in a fight of the older and younger sibling, even when they don't know what the fuss is all about. They are the problem solvers and the mediators between their older and the younger sibling.
Do you know what significance August 12th bears? No, right! It is 'Middle Child's Day', but obviously, no one ever remembers!
As a middle child, you are always compared to your older sibling, especially when both are in the same school.
Your teachers and parents always talk about your elder siblings, their achievements, their glories, and tell you to excel in the same way (provided your elder one is actually a scholar). Meanwhile, your 'A' grade in Math just went down the drain; no one even noticed!
Your parents are busy with either shaping the life of the elder one or caring about the younger one. You attract lesser attention and you are left saying, "Hello! Even I exist". Definitely a big struggle of being a middle child.
Mostly, middle children have to share a room. They rarely enjoy the experience of having their own room. They need to share a room with an elder one because they are too young to sleep alone.
And just when they think they will finally have a room of their own, a voice is heard saying, "Dear, please share the room with your younger one, as he is too small to sleep alone". And the dream of having your own room is completely shattered.
One interesting thing about a middle child is that, one moment you will find yourself behaving all matured and responsible, and the next moment you see yourself playing Candyland with your younger sibling.
Middle order children have to live with this change of personality phase - a quintessential reason why they can gel with all kinds of people.
Your wardrobe is full of hand-me-downs from your older sibling.
By default, you need to wear his clothes. But then again, this comes with its own advantage. You can always show off your elder sibling's clothes and things at school. Also, you get to pass your own clothes to your younger sibling.
Yes, there have been some really serious fights between you and your siblings, both physically and verbally. And sometimes, the elder and the younger one team up against you. Your fate then lies in the Almighty's hands.
As a middle kid, you are the bridge between your younger and older siblings.
You are liked by both, because you can relate well to both generations. On one hand you can reminisce about how much fun it was watching 'Garfield and Friends', and on the other hand you can talk about the latest video game launched in the market.
This is one interesting thing about a middle child. They are not as boring as they appear.
Instead, they are very artistic and creative. Also, all thanks to the divided attention at home, middle children are independent and need not rely on anyone to batch them up. Just for the record, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, both are middle children.