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10 Things Parents Should Never Say to Their Daughters

Apurva Neurgaonkar Mar 2, 2020
Parents, at times, don't realize that their tongue is the worst weapon which they can use on their children, not knowing the damage their words can do on the poor souls. Watch what you say!

Dress Like A Girl

Some parents subconsciously enter gender-stereotypes into their children. It usually starts with their dressing. Your daughter may not be a fan of frilly dresses or those cute skirts that you want her wear. She might be comfortable in jeans and a tee.
You can suggest, but negating her dressing sense might do more harm than good. She has her own tastes, appreciate them.

Girls Don't Do This / It's A Boy Thing

If your girl loves boyish games like baseball or football, don't tell her that it's a boy's game. Don't stop your daughter from exploring something which she might excel at. It's a modern world, and anyone can pursue anything that they want, irrespective of their gender, nationality, or ethnicity.

Don't Eat Too Much / Fatso

"Real Men like curves, only dogs go for bones...", is so true. Don't tell your daughter that she's overweight, even if she is. You need not remind her that. It can lead to starvation and anorexia, due to being called fat and going under severe depression. Instead, teach her about healthier diets, and keep her engaged in some physical activity.

You Should Put On Some Make Up

While some mums are worried that their daughters might be putting on make up too early, others ask their girls to put on some before they leave home. It indirectly translates into, 'You are not pretty, you need help'. Be thankful that your daughter is not burying herself under the mountain of make up.

You Are Being Rude / Shut Up

At times, daughters get rebuked for standing up for themselves, often tagged as 'rude'. It's like saying that she can't have her own opinion, and will have to bear and accept everything with a sweet smile.

Don't Laugh Too Loud

If men can, why can't we? Don't feed those sexist ideologies into your daughter. Let her express herself and have a hearty laugh.

Why Can't You Be Like Her?

Excuse me? Are you implying that you'd rather have her as your daughter? Comparison is the worst thing that you can do to your kid (read daughter). If you want her to be confident of herself, STOP comparing her to her best friend or cousins.

Just Laugh

You will make her feel even worse by asking her to disguise her true feelings for the sake of some neighbors, friends, or family. If she is angry, let her show it!

What Will People Say??

A common question parents ask if their daughter wants to go into an uncommon profession or any field of art. People have mouths, they will talk. Let her do whatever she wants without having to worry about people talking behind her back.
No, it is not a phase, sorry! And marrying a guy will NOT make me change my mind about my sexual orientation. When your daughter comes out to you, support her, because she's going through a lot of emotional turmoil, and needs nothing but your support.