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Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy This Winter

Mia Morales Dec 17, 2019
Winter is just around the corner. While you’re watching the temperatures start to drop, your kids are likely looking forward to the snow, sledding, and winter break.
While winter brings fun for your kids, it can also bring illnesses (which can keep them from doing the fun activities they’ve been looking forward to). You can take steps, however, to prevent illnesses and keep your kids healthy.

Wash Hands Frequently

One of the best ways to keep your kids healthy this winter is to encourage good hand washing practices. While a simple practice, it’s often overlooked (especially by parents). Mouth is the gateway to the body, and kids tend to put their hands in their mouths a lot.
Your kids should be washing their hands frequently to minimize risk of germs getting into their bodies. In addition to washing after using the bathroom, kids should wash their hands before (and after) eating, after touching an animal, or after sneezing or coughing. They should wash hands for at least 30 seconds using warm water and soap.

Get Active

When it’s cold, it’s easy to stay inside and do nothing. It’s warm and comfortable inside. Staying indoors, however, means your kids are moving less.
Exercise is essential for boosting the immune system and staying healthy. If it’s too cold outside, encourage your kids to move indoors. Have a dance party inside or play games that require movement. Take your kids to a local play center to burn off excess energy (just be sure that they wash their hands really well before you leave).
Just because it’s winter, that doesn’t mean your kids can’t go outside. If your kids want to go play out in the snow, make sure that they bundle up. You can buy kids snow suits, jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, and boots. Playing outdoors gives your kids plenty of exercise and also exposes them to sunlight, which can provide them with essential vitamin D.

Eat Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and vegetables are essential for optimal health. They provide vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy immune system and a healthy body. Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet (which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables) is necessary for staying healthy all winter.
As a parent, you know that getting your kids to eat healthy foods can be a challenge at times. Offer fruits and vegetables as snacks during the day (such as apples and peanut butter or carrots and hummus). If your kids are particularly resistant to fruits and vegetables, try blending them into a smoothie, soup, or sauce.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is often thought to be a summertime issue. It can affect your kids in the winter, too. Make sure that your kids (and you) are drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Water carries nutrients to cells in the body and helps to eliminate toxins. This reduces risk of your kids getting sick.
Get your kids their own special water bottles that are easy for them to drink from. Infuse the water with berries or citrus to make it taste better. Make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water as well to model the behavior.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Your child might be resistant to bedtime, but getting plenty of sleep is vital for the immune system. The body repairs itself and bolsters the immune system during sleep. Develop a bedtime routine for your kids.
Stick to it to ensure that they get enough sleep for their age. Your routine can include things such as a warm bath, reading a favorite story, playing soft music or singing a song, and snuggling up with a cozy friend.
Winter can be a fun time for kids and adults. To enjoy all that the season has to offer, though, it’s necessary to stay healthy. Following these steps can help to keep your kids from getting sick, enabling them to enjoy everything that winter has to offer.