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Tips to Boost Your Children's Immune System

Make sure your kids are healthy and ready for the cold season.
Mikkie Mills Nov 20, 2019
Throughout the year, it is important to build a healthy body to keep yourself and your family feeling their best. It is important to make sure yourself and your family are protected. Here are some natural ways to build up your immune system.

Get Enough Vitamin C

Vitamin C serves a variety of purposes for the health and wellbeing of the body overall. Along with aiding in iron absorption and preventing high blood pressure and other serious medical conditions, it can also boost the immune system. It helps elevate white blood cell counts for protection.
People with lower levels of Vitamin C are at risk for more health issues. Make sure your children get enough Vitamin C both through their diet and additional supplements, especially during the winter months.

Use Essential Oils

A natural way to promote health and wellness is by utilizing the power of essential oils. Not only do they smell delightful when diffused, but they also are derived from herbs, spices and flowers that carry healing properties.
For example, copaiba essential oil can help support proper functioning of the immune system, and can also be used internally for a greater effect. Other types of oils that support the health of your immune system include tumeric, clove, and peppermint.
You can also apply oils topically through the dilution with carrier oils, and gently spreading them on the skin so they can absorb into your body in that manner.

Exercise Frequently

Studies have shown that even as little as 20 minutes of exercise can positive affect the immune system. Although regular exercise has a myriad of other health benefits, the impact on your immune system is a bonus that can help you and your children.
Some easy activities you can do with your family to exercise are going to the park, playing sports, taking walks around the neighborhood, which can also be beneficial if you have dogs, or even visiting an amusement park. Exercising a few times a week will help keep your immune system strong.

Eat Fruits & Vegetables

It is always vital to have plenty of produce in your diet, but there are many types of fruits and vegetables that carry properties to boost your immune system. Blueberries are an easy snack that the whole family will love, which additionally contain lots of antioxidants for immune support.
Vegetables such as spinach and broccoli contain high levels of Vitamin C, and both green tea and blueberries have flavonoids. Perhaps the most well-known food that has also inspired many drink powders and vitamin chews is the almighty orange, which is ripe with Vitamin C and also makes for a delicious snack.

Wash Your Hands

There is a reason that doctors say that your first line of defense is keeping your hands clean. Washing your hands regularly with liquid soap and applying hand sanitizer, such as in public places, is pertinent for keeping yourself healthy and well.
Teach your children how to wash their hands and make sure that they are using enough soap. Wash for forty to sixty seconds and try to dry with paper towels if they are available. Another tip for your children is to avoid sharing food and drinks to keep themselves healthier.
With these tips, you are guaranteed to keep your family healthy during any season. If your children are informed of prevention practices as well, your family will be protected.