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Tips to Wake a Sleeping Baby

Dhanashree Patane Feb 22, 2020
Sleep is very important for health, and it is so for babies too. It is difficult to put a baby to sleep but with the constant changing sleep patterns in babies, waking up a sleeping child, without tickling him to tears can be a task. Try to be gentle and patient, while you try to wake him.
The initial phases of motherhood are difficult for both the mother and the baby. During this phase, the biggest, and I must say the only, concern is the health of the baby. When the baby is newborn, he will spend more time asleep than awake.
As the baby grows, there is a change in his sleeping patterns and habits. While most babies work inversely to the circadian rhythm, they tend to stay awake more during the night and sleep more during the day.
Sleep is important, and according to health experts, as long as the sleep is healthy and does not affect the feeding and nutrition of the child, it is alright. But in the first few months, the feeding requirements of the baby are more frequent.
Like adults have food three times a day, babies follow the healthier way, which is eating every two to three hours. Most of the time this may not be possible, as the baby is asleep, and this is when you have to wake up the toddler for feeding.
We all will not agree to the idea of waking up the baby, even for feeding. We do not wish to disturb the cute little angel that is dreaming away. So most will not like to disturb her peaceful sleep. Agreed. But the fact is that, while most babies will wake up once they are hungry, some may not.
There can also be various reasons for the baby to oversleep, especially newborns. Medication given during labor or certain medical conditions can make newborn babies drowsy.

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Overactive environment can blank him out and make him sleep, excess nutrition or incomplete nutrition can make the toddler weak and hence he will sleep more often.
So it is advised that newborn babies wake up when it's time for feeding them. This is not much of a task, if you follow certain tricks and tips to wake up a sleeping child.

Techniques on Waking a Sleepy Baby

As mentioned above, whatever be the sleeping pattern his nutrition should not get affected because of its sleep. Even if you are nursing the baby when he is drowsy, he may not be taking quality milk. It needs longer feeds to supply nutritious milk, which is hind milk.
☀ Start with observing sleeping patterns of the baby. Sleep has a pattern in two phases, one is deep sleep and the other is lighter sleep, which we also know of as REM sleep (rapid eye movement). So when you try to wake him in this phase, he will already be in light sleep and wake up more easily.
☀ In REM, you will see movement in the eyeballs, even when they are closed. He may twitch, arms and legs may make slight movement. His fingers may be more stiff and curled. You may see that short grin, like a smile, he may also change expressions and make faces. All these are signs of REM sleep, so this is when you try waking him.
☀ You may want to lower the lights a bit. Babies are sensitive to bright light. So help him open his eyes with milder lights.

☀ Get rid of the coverings on the baby. It includes the bed covers and also his clothes. Try to change his diaper, most babies will wake up, as it annoys them.
☀ Hold the child close to you. Try to make skin contact, which will also awaken the baby. Do not cradle the baby, hold him straight, in a sitting position, supporting his back and neck properly.
☀ Make eye contact and talk or sing to him. Looking in his eyes will make him more connected and happier, getting him off the sleep mode. You can also try to wipe his forehead with a damp cloth, make sure the cloth is not cold, just slightly cool. Try to wipe the face of the baby with this cloth.
☀ Gently massage the baby. Rub his shoulder blades and slowly walk his spine by your fingers. Be gentle and massage in circular motions. Massage his feet, arms and legs, at the back of the head.

☀ Keep talking to the baby, while you feed her. Burp the baby in sessions, this will prevent her from falling asleep while nursing.
Newborn babies sleep in a pattern, where the longest is not more than 5 hours. They have tiny stomachs and need to be fed at intervals. Before starting a routine, consult your doctor, with the babies requirements. Do not be strict and construct a routine that cannot be broken, it is alright to let the baby sleep if she is deep in sleep for long.
The above were just some tips and before you follow them strictly, understand your baby's needs. She may be sleeping on a full stomach, so will not require timely feeding. Whatever the case, medical experts advice is recommended. Slowly she will get used to the body clock and as the baby grows the feeding intervals will lessen. So for now, if required, wake up your baby, but with care!