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Tooth Fairy Ideas for Girls

Aastha Dogra Mar 21, 2020
If your little girl is feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable because of losing her teeth, the below suggested interesting and creative tooth fairy ideas are exactly what you need, to cheer her up.
So, your little girl has lost her tooth? I am sure she is either annoyed, angry or scared over what has happened. Most of the time, when children lose their first tooth, they do not like it. This is especially true for little girls, who just don't like what they see in the mirror!
It does not help the situation when other children tease them, make fun of them, and add on to their woos! If your little girl is going through all such emotions, as a parent, it is up to you to make things easy for her. Check out the tooth fairy ideas suggested here.

Unique Tooth Fairy Ideas


Tell your little girl to wrap her tooth in a bright colored cloth or paper and keep it under her pillow at night. Tell her that when she is asleep, the tooth fairy will come, take her tooth and keep a gift for her in its place! Since all children love to receive gifts, your little girl will be thrilled to hear this.
As a gift, get some of her favorite things, like a new dress or a toy she has been asking you, for a long time. If you do this, soon she will forget all about her missing tooth, cause she will be busy enjoying the gift that you got her!


Why not take this opportunity to do something creative with your child? Making a scrapbook with her, keeping "tooth fairy" as the theme, is an excellent idea, which she is sure to adore. So, here are some creative tooth fairy scrapbook ideas for you and your little one - On the first page of the scrapbook, you can ask your girl to draw a pillow.
Side by side, tell her the story that is mentioned above. On the other pages, you can help her draw a fairy, crown, magic stick, a tooth and some things which your little one likes, irrespective of whether they are related to the tooth fairy or not.
For the cover of the scrapbook, click your little girl's photograph, which clearly shows her missing teeth and paste it in the middle. In the end, decorate the scrapbook with stickers, glitter and ribbons. Your little girl can save this scrapbook, as a memory of the time when she lost her tooth.
Even years after, if she looks at it, she will remember the fun time she had, while making the scrapbook with you!


Every time your little girl loses a tooth, write her a letter. These tooth fairy letters for your child can be fun, serious, educative, creative, they can be anything, as long as your little girl finds them interesting, enjoyable to read and educative.
So, you can write some jokes on these letters if you feel that your little girl is stressed about losing her tooth and needs to have fun. In the second letter, perhaps you can write a tooth fairy poem to her, which you can help her read, recite and understand.
In another letter you can write her a story on any of the virtues that you want her to imbibe, such as being honest, truthful and helpful. Likewise, every time your girl loses a tooth, send her an interesting letter.
Remember to decorate these letters beautifully, by writing them on a designer paper and decorating with glitter. Children love to look at things which stimulate them visually!


Get them an attractive gown, jewelry, shoes, a magic wand and a crown and let them wear all these to look like a fairy! Small girls simply love the idea of being called a princess or a fairy and when your girl gets to become one for a day, she will enjoy the experience immensely. To cheer her up, you can even invite some of her friends and have a small party where she is dressed like a tooth fairy!
As you can see, there are so many things that you can do with your little girl, to make her feel better and help her overcome any pain that her fallen teeth might be causing her. So, use any of these ideas or be creative yourself and find some other ways to bring a smile to your little girl's face, even if it is toothless!