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Toys for 2 Year Olds

Rutuja Jathar Mar 1, 2020
Toys for 2 year olds must be a great treat for their exploration and healthy overall development. Read on to get some good tips for buying them.
A 2 year old child is full of energy and zest. Energy to explore everything that he comes across. There is so much for him to learn, explore, and get acquainted with. This age is a great year of transition when an infant starts his journey towards childhood.
Well, what can be the best toys for 2 years olds that can enhance their learning as well as their thinking process? This is where educational toys come in handy.
There are plenty of options when it comes to toys for two year olds. There are, in fact, so many exciting ones that can be fun for your little boy or girl. As a matter of fact, there won't be a need for you to introduce them with classic objects, as the relatives and friends will take care of that by gifting loads of them (irrespective of the child's age).
There is a need of a bit creativity when choosing toys for them, because there will be a lot of games that may be useless (crossword puzzle!) and sometimes, harmful (laser beam gun!) for a kid of that age.

Best Toys for 2 Year Olds

Considering kids genders, the toys can be divided and made versatile too. For girls, toys will be more feminine, like doll, doll house, veterinary or doctor's kit, mini van, shopping cart, musical tea set, plush objects, wooden articles, Lil Snoopy, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, bath watering cans, music cubes, and more.
While for boys, it is more of a masculine choice, like mini automobile cars, vehicle maizes, jumbo magnetos, rockets, cariboo set, basketball hoops, etc.

Dressing Ups

The game 'learn to dress monkey' is one of the best options. It's a great way to enhance the skills of the children as well as teaching them the right way to dress up. Along with monkey, there are dolls, other animals, and clowns that the kid can learn to dress up.

Skwish Classics

This is another interesting choice. Its biggest benefit is seen on the tactile and visual development of the kid. It's a complex structure of elastic bands and beads that seem endless to the kid, and he can interpret different meanings every time he sees it.
The vibrant colors and easily sliding beads make it very beneficial for toddlers. There are magnetic triangles as well that shift their angle as per how the child handles it.

Fill and Spill

These play items enhance the motor skills and hand-eye coordination of the children. It is a toolbox with many hardware apparatus made of fabric, foam, and soft plastic.
A vibrating drill machine, screwdriver, hammer, screws, saw, and many other tools are include, which a child can play with. There is a huge variety in this fill and spill section, there are picnic boxes, school boxes, travel bags, and many exciting kits available.

Match the Cards

Matching toys is nothing but a deck of interesting flash cards that have various themes, like animals, birds, machines, automobiles, people, and many others. It helps the child to get to know similarity and differences in two things.
He can realize that joining the pieces will give him the whole picture. Their cost is also very-minimal and easy on budget, it can be somewhere near USD 15 and more (depending on the material of the deck).

Magically Musical

There are musical boxes made out in various shapes and sizes with musical keys and tabs on it. Pressing each tab will produce individual sounds like that of the animals', birds', music, songs, and so on.
They help the children to understand various sounds as well as musical notes, and hence, they are the best way to develop musical interest in the children at such a young age. They can cost up to USD 30 and more.

Construction and Reconstruction

The reason to categorize the play objects as per their functionality is the variety of the same. These are plastic, cardboard, or wooden boxes, or pieces various shapes and sizes that could be constructed together for a great creation.
This is also to enhance the tactile abilities of kids. The decorative mud and clay that can also be turned into desired shape, etc., are some constructive options.
There are some cardboard books that have large pictures of some regular things that one would like to acquaint the child with. Choices are too many, all that you have to do is to select the best toy that can be helpful to enhance the thinking level and creativity of your bundle of joy.