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Unique Fall-themed Baby Shower Ideas

Sujata Iyer Dec 12, 2018
A fall-themed baby shower is perfect if you're looking for a theme to coincide with the grandeur that autumn comes with. Here are some ideas on how you can make it a roaring success.
To better enjoy the feel of a fall-themed baby shower, hold it outdoors.
The trees are shedding and transforming themselves into golden wonders. Kids can't wait for Halloween. Mothers are busy putting together costumes and preparing themselves for impending visits to the dentist.
And mothers-to-be are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their bundle of joy. While they wait, how about throwing them a fantastic fall-themed baby shower? Here are some ideas you can use!

Nature's Bounty

A theme that beckons all nature lovers is perfect for someone looking for a harmonious and soothing theme for a baby shower.


Nature is resplendent in her bounty. Harvest time is almost here and so is the festival of frights. Take inspiration from all the pumpkins, the shedding leaves, and the carpet of orange around. Have a nature-inspired baby shower.


Think orange, gold, yellow, white, black, and brown. All the décor you use should have at least hints of these colors. Use the given images as inspiration. From pumpkins to dried leaves to fruits and flowers to carved fruit, there's just so much you can do with natural elements for décor.


When you decide on the menu, picking items that coordinate with the color scheme would do wonders for the aesthetics of your shower. Chocolate cake, caramel and toffee cake, pumpkin cheesecake, spicy tea, pumpkin or orange ice cream, candied apples; the sky is the limit!


When it comes to fall-themed favors, the obvious choice is something that screams nature! Take a cue from here and thank your guests with something natural like jars of honey, a burlap pouch with choice hazelnuts, and the like.
In keeping with the color scheme of gold, brown, and orange, you can also go for something quirky like tiny bottles of chocolate milkshake, cake pops, or the all-time favorite: candles!

Color Mania

For someone in the mood for a lively party, try out the kaleidoscopic theme mentioned here.


Embrace color this fall! A baby means joy, fun, mischief, and energy. If you had to encapsulate all of these in one word, it would be colors; bright, vivid, cheerful colors! Celebrate a color-themed baby shower and indulge the child in you.


Color is something that demands fun. So, when you decide to go for a color-concentric theme, you need to do complete justice to it! The decor should be vibrant and cheery!
The best item you can use to incorporate color is, you guessed it, flowers! They're fresh, they're fun to look at, and all you need to do with them is plop them in a glass of water, and your centerpiece is ready. Other ideas you can use are balloons, streamers, and even bright fruits and vegetables!


Again, it's best if the food served revolves around the color scheme of the baby shower. From fondant-topped cupcakes, to colorful fruit juices to cake pops to mints and cookies, you can incorporate color into everything.


Fall is the season to be cheery and happy! What better to make this happen than something bright, something sweet, and something indulgent! Here are our ideas on what kind of favors you can give your guests if you pick a color-concentric theme.
★ Miniature cauldrons of candy
★ Bath salts and homemade soap
★ Lollies and marshmallows
★ Assorted mints
★ Fresh fruit jams
★ Colorful gourmet baby shower cookies
★ Ice pops (to pick up as they leave)


No baby shower is complete without some fun things to do once you're done unwrapping all the gifts and dishing out baby advice. Here are some things you can try out.

Mum's the Word

This is a game that is to be played throughout the shower as a simultaneous activity. Throughout the party, no one utters the word 'baby.' Every time someone utters the word, she has to give the mom-to-be a peck on the cheek. It may sound easy as you read it, but try being at a baby shower and not using the word. So, get set for a lot of pecking!

Birthday Calling

If you're not into games and would rather do something else, here's an idea. Hand out a blank piece of paper and pen to everyone present at the shower. Have them write down a random number (from 5 to 50) on the paper. When they're all done, give them some craft paper and have them make birthday cards for the baby for the year corresponding to the number.

Movie Marathon

Another way to keep your guests busy and thoroughly entertained is to watch movies that center around babies. Baby's Day Out, Three Men and a Baby, Look Who's Talking, Look Who's Talking Too, and many more such movies will have the guests and the mom-to-be in splits!
Not so difficult is it? Combine everything that speaks fall to you, and put it together to throw the most beautiful and incredible baby shower of the season!