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Ways to Engage Your Kids During Lockdown

Asmii Vernekar
Keeping your kids engaged at home with no play dates, summer camps has been a major concern for parents in these times. This story gives you some super-effective ideas to keep your kids entertained even in isolation!
It’s important that you make a daily schedule for the kids to make sure they utilize the day accordingly.
Plan a Routine
Art sessions can keep your kids creatively occupied for hours on end!
Art Activities
Creative DIY
You can engage your kids in making fun creative DIY stuff with simple stationery items such as colored papers, old DVD, crayons, ribbons, balloons etc. Look for online craft ideas, there are plenty.
Parents are now being even more apprehensive about the addictive influence of gadgets on kids. This can be curbed by limiting use of technology and making screen time productive by planning sessions like e-reading, online classes, informative videos etc.
Screen Time
Hobbies contribute to the all round development of children. You can help your child pick a hobby that fits his/her personality; and one that will make them smarter, happier and skillful!
Inculcate a Hobby
"Quarantime" is the best time to teach your children how to cook, it could be a much-needed life skill for them some day!
Cooking with Kids
Create Lasting Memories
This is 'The Opportunity' for parents struggling to spend time with their kids.
Create a ritual that you can later incorporate in your normal routine. Plan activities your child will be interested in, like exercise, gardening, storytelling and many more. And don't forget to click pictures!
These activities will not only channelize the abundant energy that kids have, but also feed their curiosity. Hope you manage this precious time diligently!