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Weird Baby Names that you Have Never Heard

Vinita Tahalramani
It is these little feet that make you go round the world when naming them. We have got you through the names that are weird of all, with also some interesting and weird reasons.
Now this is like keeping it trendy.
Moon Unit
It might have some unusual reasons late rock star Frank Zappa must have to name his oldest daughter.
Exa Dark Siderael
Tech toes up, you see!
Elon Musk and Grimes' first child was named after the computing term ExaFLOPS.
Don't know why the 1800s had this name as trendy. Do you know someone who had or has this name?

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Song lyrics inspired name you see! Made its mark in the 1960's.
Tu Morrow
"Tu" has meaning but the last name "Morrow" played its game here.
Ah! The name meansĀ  self-restraint and you have got the reason now!
The then trend of backward spelling brings up such a name, which is meaningless.
Ha Ha Ha! The reason is too good to know.
Being the last alphabet of Greek, could that be a perfect fit for the last planned child?
A boy name it is!
So for this reason itself, the name becomes weird!
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
The list ahead has meaning though the names are weird.
The name has meaning - watchful, but doesn't the name sound weird?
The meaning is " Spell", but wait, it has a Latin origin. And now you know why I have listed this as weird.
Deep meaning, yet falls under a weird name for humans!
Blue Ivy Carter
A unique choice by Beyonce and Jay-Z, but did not find anything same later too.
The reason we found was good enough; the number cannot be divided by anything but itself.
Sparrow James Midnight
Another creative name with a creative reason. The name has the time when the baby was born.
Happy Naming