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Why Petting Zoos are Beneficial for Kids

Our young ones are drawn to animals from an early age. Their innocently curious minds get a chance to thrive – in the unique environment of a petting zoo.
The full extent of the positive effects of children’s interactions with animals is still under research. But no one can deny that animals can act as a reliable source of comfort while growing up.
Every child’s developing mind needs a sort of unconditional emotional support our furry friends can provide.
Besides being a fun experience, caring for animals can help build social skills and act as a catalyst for cognitive development. If your children have never owned pets, a visit to a petting zoo might be just what they need.
The interactive setting of a petting zoo offers much more than just stimulation for young minds. It imparts a sense of animal companionship and makes for a cherished childhood memory. Instead of simply observing from afar like regular zoos, kids can get up close and personal for some one-on-one time with animals.
Igatpuri’s Manas Resort with Petting Zoo (the first of its kind in India) has a diverse collection of both exotic and familiar animals for your kids to befriend. There’s nothing like an adorable bunny that will put your children away from gadgets for once.
At Manas Resort, kids are encouraged to play with socialized animals like mini lop rabbits, sugar gliders, and even German Angoras. There’s also a walk-in aviary filled with birds as exotic as they are friendly. Not to mention the resort’s collection of well-trained dogs.
Manas Resort has built a safe environment for your kids to spend quality time learning about animal behaviour and animal needs from expert animal handlers. Such knowledge will instil a sense of respect for animal life in the child’s mind. Some things can’t be taught in classrooms.
If you have a family pet, why not bring it along for your exciting trip to Manas Resort with Petting Zoo? It will be treated like royalty and your kids can learn how to train it and properly care for it, from the resort’s helpful animal experts.
Manas Resort is a place for animal-lovers. By their nature, children are empathetic toward animals, and a happy child will have fewer behaviour issues.
Feeding and caring for the different animals of Manas will help your kids discover their nurturing instincts. Take the opportunity to help them overcome the fear of certain animals and gain confidence!