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7 Wonderful Gift Ideas for Your Baby Shower Hostess

Buzzle Staff Mar 8, 2020
If your close friend or relative has thrown a wonderful baby shower party for you, what better way to thank her than gifting her something she would love! Here, we bring you some gift ideas for your baby shower hostess.
Gifting the hostess may not be a part of the baby shower etiquette, but it's definitely a very good gesture. What counts more than the gift is the thought behind it.
Among the popular options to gift a woman are a perfume, a dinner set, a cutlery gift set, jewelry, and home accessories, among others. Wine and cheese, chocolates, or a gift basket of assorted goodies are some other commonly picked gifts. You could choose one of them or a similar one for your baby shower hostess.
Or you could go in for something more personalized, like one of the gift ideas given here! Present her with a beautiful gift as a token of your appreciation, and thank her for hosting such an amazing baby shower for you.

Ask Her to be Your Child's Godmother

If she is close to you, the best way to honor her would be to ask her to be your child's godmother. Make a card or frame with baby clothes or pictures (after the baby is born) and a nice message asking her to be the child's godmother. This is a gift she will be touched with, and it's something she will treasure forever.

Monogrammed Bags

If your baby shower was hosted by multiple hostesses, gift them bags monogrammed with the baby's name (if you have already decided one) or the initials. As a variant to this, you could gift them personalized mugs with the baby's picture or name, or a thank you message.
This is a gift that will remain close to their heart and serve as a sweet memory of the day of the baby shower.

Picture Frames

This is a very cute gifting idea, which will make your hostess go aww. If the hostess is your sister, mother, or close friend, gift her a beautiful frame with a cute 'thank you' message from the baby, along with the baby's handprints or footprints. She is going to love this innovative idea.

A Day at the Spa

She must have been busy preparing for the party. She must be tired with all the planning. Gift her a day at the spa. That makes for a gift well-deserved, giving her a chance to relax herself. Choose a relaxing massage or any other rejuvenating treatment, and gift her a voucher for the same.

A Basket of Goodies

Gift her a basket full of her favorite shampoos, conditioners, and bath scents. You could supplement these with bath accessories and a perfume, and decorate the basket with colorful ribbons and flowers. Every little thing in the basket is going to be useful for her, and she is going to love this gift for sure.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Opt for cute and fancy salt and pepper shakers. They are available in a variety of shapes and colors. They are useful and decorative, and among the best options if you are gifting multiple hostesses.

Take Her Out for Lunch

She must have worked really hard to make sure that everything goes fine for your baby shower.
She has given you a wonderful treat, and now it's your turn to treat her. Take her out for lunch, giving her a break from cooking and some time well-spent chatting and having good food, in your company.
Buying something costly is always an option, but making something specially for her, presenting her with a thoughtful gift, or adding a personal touch to it, will surely make her feel special. And she deserves it.